Michelle from Tampa Bay area, FL 

Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2009

From Fox 13 Tampa, Kathy Fountain's "Your Turn" I have an FHA loan that is not held by FNMA or freddie Mac. My home is a mobile unit. I am late on my payments. what are my options?

Shari's Response

If you can realistically afford to keep your home, check to see if your lender is listed as one of those participating in making homes affordable by looking on makinghomesaffordable.gov. If so, ask your lender about a making homes affordable modification - you dont have to have a FNMA or Freddie owned or insurance loan under this option.

If you cannot relistically afford to keep your home, ask about that making homes afforable short ssale or deed in lieu.

Either way you may want to check out other blog entries that apply to you under making homes affordable, choosing a professional to help you, eetc and I would suggest speaking to a HUD credit counselor for free budget counseling.