Jenna from Cooper City, FL 

Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009

I heard you explain the forclosure process on chan 10. but im being foreclosued and i just got a letter about mediation, that is that. can you please explain it?

Shari's Response

Of course. Mediation is a process used in many contexts other than residential forelcosure, but in this context, mediation is a process where a representative of the lender who has been authorized to make an agreement with the borrower, meet with the borrower and a qualified intermediary called a mediator to try to work out an alternative to foreclosuing on the house.

In Florida each judicial circuit has its own procedure and requirements regarding mediating residential foreclosures. But a commission is examining the idea of making that uniform throughout the state, in part becuase lenders are having such a hard time knowing and following different rules in different locations. As of now some circuits require that the lender try to mediate before foreclosing, others do not.

For more information about mediation check out our blog entries by searching for the terms in the search box on the upper right corner of our website pages.

In Florida becomeing a mediator requires certain classes, experience, etc. As certified mediator here in Florida I am a huge supporter of the process and enocurage more emails and questions on the subject.